How To Make The Right Contacts In The Music Industry

You can learn how to transform music industry contacts into lasting relationships by watching this video. This free video will teach you how to turn your music industry contacts in meaningful relationships youtube converter.  

What are the names of people who work in music that you should contact? When you do get someone’s attention, what should you say? You don’t have an established name in music, so how can you get them to pay attention?

Asking questions like:

Which music industry professionals can you contact to develop your career?

Which music professionals or companies have the largest number of contacts with the other members?

Which of the important contacts from the music business are easiest to locate near you?

Who are the best contacts in music?

You can start building a rapport with people by asking them: * What music industry professionals do you know that you can assist in solving THEIR issues and/or helping them reach their goals?

Does there exist a specific “type” or company (contact person) in the music business that fits all of these criteria? Answer: ‘Yes.’ This ‘type’ of contact may be your first step if you have no music industry connections. Records label executives? A&R people? Producers? Publishers? Managers? Entertainment Lawyers? Are there famous bands? It is not “Famous bands”… you may be surprised.

Concert promoters with a serious focus have enormous power and influence within the music business. These are the people who take the biggest risks in the music industry. Each year they interact with thousands of important industry figures, such as well-known musicians, labels, management companies, tour managers, lawyers, production firms, merchandising divisions, radio stations and the press.

Google will help you find local concert promoters if you’re near an urban center. Promoters, unlike most important contacts in the music business are accessible. They will speak to you if you have’something to offer’.

Concert promoters, in general, take on more of a risk than other people or entities within the music business. Each year all concert promoters suffer losses (because concerts are often a loss for various reasons). They make more than they spend throughout the year.

All promoters want a solid network to ensure that their concerts/tours make more money. It is expensive to have a big team with experienced staff. If you’re willing to work part-time, get a salary, or do a little free labor, then you could join the team. If you don’t know much about tour promotion, some companies are willing to teach you.